CFT Token

The CFT control token is an ERC223 token that is used to make decisions on the ColdFi platform, in insurance fund and also can be staked with reward generated from ColdFi tech income.

Initially, 200 million tokens will be issued, no further emission is planned, CFT smart contract will not have the possibility of an additional mint token


  • 30 millions tokens will be available for private investors

  • 120 millions tokens will be available at the seed sale.

  • 30 millions tokens in the marketing fund

  • 20 millions for the team

10% of the team tokens will be available after end of seed sale and the rest will be distributed in 2 years at rate about 0.285 CFT per second, available to claim each block

Seed Sale

Seed-sale will be held for 1 month on Callisto Network and Binance Smart Chain networks.

Tokens will be available immediately after purchase.

50% of unsold tokens will go to the private investors fund, 50% will go to the marketing fund.

Income from ColdFi activities will be used to:

  • 70% income to liquidity providers on Liquidity Bridge, Lending pools

  • 10% Burn

  • 10% CFT Staking Pool

  • 10% Team

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