Lending Pool

ColdFi pool is a decentralised liquidity pool where users can borrow and lend their cryptocurrencies.

At the start, we will use the AAVE v2 open source technology and the pool will be launched on the Callisto Network.

We chose AAVE v2 because it is reliable, with a proven economics model.

In the first quarter of 2024, before expanding to new networks, ColdFi will switch to its own crypto landing protocol.

Key participants of the ColdFi pool

- Lenders - provide various tokens to the liquidity pool and receive income from borrow fees

- Borrowers - deposit tokens as collateral and receive a loan at a fixed or variable interest rate.

- Liquidators - can buy a debt and receive pledged tokens below the market price. Liquidators maintain the health of the liquidity pool.

- Pool - a set of smart contracts and cross chain oracles that ensure the interaction of all participants in the ColdFi pool

One of the unique pool features will be the ability to use CLO coins locked in cold staking v2.

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